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ThaneMOD for Mass Effect 3

Wow, it’s been three years and some change. How time flies.

I’m very proud to say that ThaneMOD was one of the first story-enhancing gameplay mods created for Mass Effect 3. It was a major accomplishment when first released and stood among only two other content mods available at the time: Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod (MEHEM) and Citadel Epilogue Mod (CEM).

Since then, ThaneMOD has reached almost 15,000 downloads across three hosts. That’s not a lot when compared to games with a large modding community (Skyrim) or mods with a broad appeal (MEHEM), but the Mass Effect 3 modding community is small and ThaneMOD, overall, is narrow in scope. Those downloads have also been accompanied by a wealth of positive feedback from the userbase, which is something that has been extremely gratifying for me as creator.

To accompany the final release of the mod, ThaneMOD v3.0, the website is being refreshed with new and updated content. It now features a more traditional, static design style and a supplemental blog where I’ll post news and updates. Keep an eye out for new pages, especially ones that focus on the changes coming up in ThaneMOD v3.0. There’s A LOT coming down the pike. New articles with spoiler content will be clearly marked at the top.

If you’re new the site and the mod, head up to “LEARN” and “HELP” to find out whether you might like playing Mass Effect 3 with ThaneMOD.

Welcome to life support and happy playing!

Creator and Lead Developer of ThaneMOD
13 May 2017