Hi, Mass Effect fans! You’ve found the headquarters for ThaneMOD, a fan-made mod for Mass Effect 3.

Here’s a quick primer on where to find some of the more important bits of information on the site:

  • The Basics — The most basic information of what ThaneMOD is and why it was created.
  • The Details — Detailed information about how ThaneMOD works what changes to expect when playing to Mass Effect 3.
  • How to Play — Hints on how to play your game with ThaneMOD installed.
  • DLC Compatibility — Information about ThaneMOD’s compatibility with Mass Effect 3 DLC.
  • ThaneMOD and Consoles — Information related to how console players can experience ThaneMOD content without installing the mod.
  • Installation — Everything you must know prior to installing ThaneMOD.
  • Troubleshooting + FAQ — Answers to the most common questions when using ThaneMOD and help with almost all issues that users may encounter.
  • Resources — Links to ThaneMOD documentation, information for other modders and much more.