While working on ThaneMOD, I often get ideas for other mods. In this case, this idea has been pestering me for years now and as I continued to work on TM and investigate the dream mechanics, it finally gave me an excuse to work on pursuing it.

Here’s the pitch:

Wouldn’t it be nice to NOT have to follow starbrat around in the dreams? Wouldn’t it be cool if, instead of the ridiculous significance placed on this kid, the dreams actually showed all the events during the trilogy that Shepard WOULD be upset over? The most horrific moments from ME1, ME2, and ME3? What if the dreams focused on Shepard re-living these moments of loss and his/her fear at what the Reapers will do to the galaxy if s/he fails?

Better Dreams is a new mod for ME3 that replaces all three existing dreams. The goal is to make them truer nightmares and to make them feel much, much more appropriate for imported games. Full details in the description on the hosting page.

Better Dreams is a Nexusmods exclusive.