ModDB Removal + Site Update #2

ModDB Hosting Removal

A quick heads up that I’ve removed ThaneMOD from ModDB. This means that ThaneMOD is now a Nexusmods exclusive (as with my other mods).

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with ModDB. I’ve just found that our philosophies don’t quite match and it’s not a good fit. It was the only hosting option available off of BSN Projects at the time of TMv1.0’s development, so the intent was always to host there. About a month before release, Nexusmods for ME3 was created, so it was logical to host on both sites (ModDB was well-known for Mass Effect mods, Nexus was just getting started). Since then, though, I’ve hosted all my subsequent releases solely on Nexusmods, and my intention was to restrict release TMv3.0’s there, as well. That being the case, and with the website currently being overhauled, it seemed a good time to have the page removed.

As an aside, ModDB was also the only site that still hosted TMv1.0. I’ve long removed this version of the mod from Nexus. If you haven’t yet updated from v1.0 (and you really, really should have), then either update to v2.0 now, or wait for v3.0 later this year.

Site Update #2

The site update is coming along, though slower than I’d hoped. Here’s a brief summary by section:

  • Home Page — Finished.
  • Separate Blog — Obviously finished and being used 🙂
  • Learn — This is the new area for all documentation related to learning about ThaneMOD and how it works. The FAQ is new and been separated from Troubleshooting. All existing articles have been reformatted for the new site and their contents updated. Most are still restricted to TMv2.0, however, and will be replaced by new versions for TMv3.0 later on.
  • Help — A new area for all help and troubleshooting content. If you have a specific problem when using the mod, or are wondering how to best play with the mod installed, this is where to look. Both articles in this section have been reformatted and updated. Like the Learn area, they will be replaced by new versions for TMv3.0 later on.
  • Mods By Giftfish — A new menu that contains links to all mods created by myself. If you enjoy playing with ThaneMOD (or even if you don’t), you may enjoy some others!

That’s it so far. Overhauls to Credits, Spoilers, Resources, and creation of site’s *new* content are still to come.

Happy playing!