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Here’s a quick primer on where to find some of the more important bits of information on the site:

  • The Basics — The most basic information of what ThaneMOD is and why it was created.
  • The Details — Detailed information about how ThaneMOD works what changes to expect when playing to Mass Effect 3.
  • How to Play — Hints on how to play your game with ThaneMOD installed.
  • DLC Compatibility — Information about ThaneMOD’s compatibility with Mass Effect 3 DLC.
  • ThaneMOD and Consoles — Information related to how console players can experience ThaneMOD content without installing the mod.
  • Installation — Everything you must know prior to installing ThaneMOD.
  • Troubleshooting + FAQ — Answers to the most common questions when using ThaneMOD and help with almost all issues that users may encounter.
  • Resources — Links to ThaneMOD documentation, information for other modders and much more.

ME3 Mod Updates

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To further prepare me for the dialogue pit of hell I’m about to dive into for TM3, I’ve spent the past few months updating a couple of my older mods for ME3: Urz on the Normandy and Better Cabin Music.

Both mods necessitated learning some more advanced kismet sequencing (another plus), but the most important aspect was gaining significant experience working with audio additions to the game. Those of you around for the development of TM1/2 know that audio additions used to be impossible. Replacements were doable; additions were not. But modding methodology and tools continue to advance, making the impossible, now, possible. It’s one of the fun things about modding 🙂

I’m now officially transitioning back into TM3 after a lengthy break to release ME2Re and now these two mods. I hope you enjoy them!

State of the Mod, I

This post is two things: a mod announcement and an apology.

First, let’s do the apology, because that is MUCH less fun. Contrary to my announcement last January, ThaneMOD v3.0 will not be out this year. I’m guessing most of you figured that out by now, considering there’s about 60 hours left (on this side of the International Date Line, anyway.) Turns out 2017 isn’t the year of TM3. While I put an enormous amount of time and effort into TM3 this year, the mod has also grown tremendously in scope. This is a good thing. It’s going to result in a stronger, more immersive, and more feature-rich mod. Not to mention one that appeals to more people. For more details on that, check out this area of the site.

This past August I started to tinker with an idea—an alternative—if I couldn’t finish in time. Then September rolled around and I determined that indeed there was no way to complete development on TM3 within this calendar year. Not with the amount of work remaining. At that point, I decided to shift gears away from TM3 and to another mod. Something I knew Thane fans had been interested in for a long time, would appreciate, and that I could create and test within a 2-3 month time frame.

And that brings us to the second thing: the mod announcement.

That mod is ME2Recalibrated.

For those of you familiar with ME3Recalibrated, I didn’t start out with the intention of creating ME2’s counterpart. I started with two main goals:

  1. Allow Thane to be recruitable immediately after Freedom’s Progress.
  2. Allow Thane—when Shepard’s LI—to always (or pretty much always) help her onto the Normandy when making the jump at the end of the suicide mission.

As usual, my mods tend to snowball, an it turns out there’s a lot I can accomplish in three months when it doesn’t involve significant amounts of dialogue editing, lol. Therefore, ME2Re contains much, much more than just this. In fact, itemizing everything it covers takes six pages of release notes. Ack.

So, ME2Re is my apology to the ThaneMOD community. You guys have been patiently waiting for TM3 and I’m working very hard to make that happen. I’m no longer going to give more specific time frames (short of “next year”) since it seems I am inevitably wrong!

At any rate, Happy New Year! And, I hope you all enjoy ME2Re 🙂

The Many Faces of Thane

When talking to players about Thane’s story and characterization in ME3, it’s not uncommon to find that they have wildly different opinions. This is something that at first glance seems very strange. How can two people who have played the same game, with this same character, have such different expectations and interpretations of that character in the succeeding game?

In Thane’s case, the disconnect results from a combination of things during the course of ME2: variation in player decisions, game mechanics and his personal story.  As I’ve been developing TMv3.0, I’ve come to call this interaction:

The Many Faces of Thane.

One of ThaneMOD’s primary goals since its initial release has been to address Thane’s  continuity issues. Namely, those related to his characterization and story arc between ME2 and ME3. This is a task that cannot be adequately done without sufficient understanding of the issues above. Upon investigating each, it quickly becomes clear that Thane is handled unlike all other ME2 squadmates. He is unique. Primarily due to the following five reasons:

  • His loyalty mission can be failed
  • He’s a love interest
  • His romance can be culminated or not
  • He’s dying
  • His “battle sleep”

There are of course many other love interests in ME2: Garrus, Jacob, Miranda, Jack, and Tali (and, sort of, Kelly). It’s also possible to fail the loyalty missions of other squadmates: Zaeed, Tali, and Samara (and Miranda/Jack if you count the confrontation). However, it’s these mechanics along with Thane’s story that makes his situation unique. Namely, his terminal illness and battle sleep.

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Thane’s New Apartment (Spoilers)

Attention: This post contains spoilers for ThaneMOD v3.0.

The Apartment

The picture above shows Thane’s new, not yet decorated, apartment.

In TMv3.0, a romanced Thane will split his time between Huerta and the apartment. Shepard will be able to visit him in both locations. If he’s not in one, it means he’s at the other. It will be accessible on the Citadel whenever he is accessible, pre-coup.

The unit itself will be decorated appropriately for Thane (in part) and there should be a small amount of objects to interact with, along with Thane himself. The “in part” reference will be made clear once the player is in the apartment 😉

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ModDB Removal + Site Update #2

ModDB Hosting Removal

A quick heads up that I’ve removed ThaneMOD from ModDB. This means that ThaneMOD is now a Nexusmods exclusive (as with my other mods).

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with ModDB. I’ve just found that our philosophies don’t quite match and it’s not a good fit. It was the only hosting option available off of BSN Projects at the time of TMv1.0’s development, so the intent was always to host there. About a month before release, Nexusmods for ME3 was created, so it was logical to host on both sites (ModDB was well-known for Mass Effect mods, Nexus was just getting started). Since then, though, I’ve hosted all my subsequent releases solely on Nexusmods, and my intention was to restrict release TMv3.0’s there, as well. That being the case, and with the website currently being overhauled, it seemed a good time to have the page removed.

As an aside, ModDB was also the only site that still hosted TMv1.0. I’ve long removed this version of the mod from Nexus. If you haven’t yet updated from v1.0 (and you really, really should have), then either update to v2.0 now, or wait for v3.0 later this year.

Site Update #2

The site update is coming along, though slower than I’d hoped. Here’s a brief summary by section:

  • Home Page — Finished.
  • Separate Blog — Obviously finished and being used 🙂
  • Learn — This is the new area for all documentation related to learning about ThaneMOD and how it works. The FAQ is new and been separated from Troubleshooting. All existing articles have been reformatted for the new site and their contents updated. Most are still restricted to TMv2.0, however, and will be replaced by new versions for TMv3.0 later on.
  • Help — A new area for all help and troubleshooting content. If you have a specific problem when using the mod, or are wondering how to best play with the mod installed, this is where to look. Both articles in this section have been reformatted and updated. Like the Learn area, they will be replaced by new versions for TMv3.0 later on.
  • Mods By Giftfish — A new menu that contains links to all mods created by myself. If you enjoy playing with ThaneMOD (or even if you don’t), you may enjoy some others!

That’s it so far. Overhauls to Credits, Spoilers, Resources, and creation of site’s *new* content are still to come.

Happy playing!