Cabin Photo

Using the Alternate Cabin Photos

Doing this very easy, but does require the use of ME3Explorer. These instructions will assume you have already installed the mod, and therefore have this utility:

ATTENTION | These instructions are for rev653 of ME3Explorer and will be updated as time permits.
  • View the 12 alternate options and pick one you want to use. You must have an image editor that can view DDS files. A great free one is Paint.NET.
  • Run ME3Explorer and go to Tools > Texture Tool. You should see “Bedside Photo” on the left.
  • Click on “Current Appearance”. This should show the current, default ThaneMOD Cabin Photo. Clicking on “Properties” will show the properties of the current cabin photo (you don’t need to do this, just fyi).
  • Click on “Mod!” Now select your chosen photo in the ThaneMOD Alternate Cabin Photo folder. Click “Open”.
  • Wait for a window to pop up that says: “Found X Updates. Do you want to apply and save them?” This can take a minute or so. Click “Yes”.
  • When the “done!” window pops up, click “Ok”.
  • Now click on “Current Appearance” again. You should see the new photo!
  • Close ME3Explorer and launch the game 🙂

Making Your Own Cabin Photo

Customizing the cabin photo is easy but requires a program like Paint.NET or Adobe Photoshop. The instructions below are for using Paint.NET.

  • Open Paint.NET.
  • Go to File > New.
  • Create either a 512×512 pixel canvas, or a 1024×1024 pixel canvas. Keep resolution set at 96px/in.
  • Use the bucket tool to fill the white canvas with black fill. Black color should be selected by default.
  • Open your desired image in Paint.NET.
  • Edit as you want, BUT the final image must be either 342×512 OR 684×1024 (vertical rectangle).
  • Copy and paste the finished image into the square, black canvas you created. Use the 342×512 size for the 512-square canvas, the 684×1024 size for the 1024-square canvas.
  • The image should by default be placed to the far left, so there is a black bar to the right (see the Alternate Cabin Photo DDS files for an example if this is confusing). If the image isn’t placed there, then use your arrow keys or mouse to relocate it.
  • Now File > Save As.
  • Give your image a name and select “DirectDrawSurface (DDS)” from the “Save As Image Type” dropdown menu. Then click “Save”.
  • Now select the appropriate “Save Configuration”. DXT1, Range Fit, Perceptual, Generate Mip Maps, Super Sampling. Click “Ok”.
  • Click “Flatten” when the following window pops up.
  • Done! You’ll now either need to use Texmod or ME3Explorer to use the texture in game.