Credits + Acknowledgements

Updated August 4, 2014

ThaneMOD began development in March of 2013. The release of v1.0 is the result of thousands of hours of discussion, research, planning, and finally, creation and implementation. The inception of the mod simply involved Thane’s coup avoidance with an epilogue, pitched via private message from giftfish to MrFob, the creator of MEHEM. Once work commenced in earnest, the many aspects of the mod grew out of collaboration between giftfish, HJF4, coldwetn0se, Emeraldfern, Stilographium, and many “Thane-folks” from the BioWare Social Network.


ThaneMOD Lead Developer


n7petiole/n7Siha/giftfish | inception, coordination, building, content creation, research, testing + more

Dedication doesn’t begin to cover how much time and effort n7Siha has put into the ThaneMOD. Her organizational skills alone, have saved this mod from slipping into obscurity. When unexpected team changes occurred over this past summer, she got to work learning how to use many of the tools available in ME3Explorer so that all the aspects of the mod could still be actualized. Keeping the end goal in sight and encouraging all other team members to rise to the challenge is what a good Project Lead does, and she most definitely has succeeded in that. You can find her other Thane-related achievements on a number of BSN threads, most notably the Romance DLC Initiative, and read her many analyses on the Cosmic Love blog. —by coldwetn0se (remainder of page/blog written by n7Siha)

  • Huerta note
  • Hanar Diplomat note
  • Friend-Thane emails
  • LI-Thane emails (main portion)
  • Thessia LI email
  • Huerta dialogue re-write
  • Fornax advert
  • v1.0 content edits
  • v2.0 content edits
  • Kepral’s lore adjustments
  • LI-Thane flashback video
  • Default & Alternate Images for Cabin Photo
  • “Thane in Cabin” LI “Flashforward” slide
  • Hanar & Drell Forces War Asset Image (v1.1)
  • Sound editing
  • Install Guide
  • ThaneMOD Website
  • Installer Scripting & Design
  • DLC Mod Conversion
  • ThaneMOD in Credits
  • Credits Music module
  • Email, War Asset & Codex module
  • Friendship Improvements module
  • Huerta Music module
  • Romance Improvements module


ThaneMOD Creative Contributors


barddoc1992 | content creation

After the release of v1.0, Barddoc1992 joined the ThaneMOD forum and kindly offered her professional editing services. Working closely with n7Siha, she has donated an incredible amount of time and effort, reviewing all text written for ThaneMOD. She has also done an awesome job writing the v2.0 emails from Mordin and Chakwas, generating the content for the corrupted emails viewable at the Shadow Broker terminal, and co-writing the Fornax advert. With the release of v2.0, ThaneMOD story content is even better than the original. Check out her great Thane fics on Fan

  • Thane Krios Codex Text (editor)
  • Drell Biology and Culture Codex Text (editor)
  • Hanar & Drell War Asset Text (upgrade 2; editor)
  • Thane Krios War Asset Text (editor)
  • LI-Thane Emails (editor)
  • Friend-Thane Emails (editor)
  • Mordin’s Email (writer)
  • Chakwas’s Email (writer)
  • Shadow Broker Emails (writer)
  • Fornax Advert (co-writer)


coldwetn0se | communications, content creation + research, testing

coldwetn0se is one of Thane’s biggest fans. She’s worked on several Thane-related ME3 projects, including Cosmic Love, the ME3 Romance DLC initiative, after which she dedicated herself to the release of ThaneMOD v1.0. She handled communications on deviantART and the development forum, recruited and coordinated testers, served as a fact-checker, tested tirelessly, and on top of that, also developed written content for the mod. The level of discussion and ideas she brought to the table, along with the amount of time she willingly donated, made Coldi an invaluable part of ThaneMOD. Thanks for all your time and effort, Coldi!

  • Thane Krios Codex Text
  • Hanar & Drell War Asset Text (upgrade 2)
  • Thane Krios War Asset Text
  • LI-Thane Emails (conditional portion)
  • Huerta Dialogue re-write
  • Alternate images for Cabin Photo


Emeraldfern | building, content creation, tech research, testing

Emeraldfern’s involvement in the mod was pivotal and we were incredibly lucky to have her. Early on she served as a tech resource, also taking on the projects of the dress re-skin, war asset & codex renders, and sound editing. However, she really stepped up after HJF4 departed, handling hex-editing and continuing to grow her technical knowledge of the game by researching various aspects related to dialogue editing and achievements. Much thanks, Em!

  • Hanar & Drell War Asset render (v1.0)
  • Sound editing
  • Romance Improvements module


HJF4 | building, testing

HJF4 joined us about a week after the project was proposed, just when we needed her. She took the reigns and built the core elements of the mod, rarely ever telling us we “couldn’t” do something and more often than not suggesting new content that would add to her workload. She single-handedly discovered the incredibly simple edit that allowed Thane to avoid the coup and live. While she is no longer with us, she deserves an enormous thank you, and a ridiculous amount of credit for the release of this mod. Thank you, HJF4!

  • ThaneMOD Core module (coup avoidance)
  • Email, War Asset & Codex module
  • Romance Improvements module
  • ThaneMOD edition of Gibbed Save Editor


skipjack | communications, tech research

Skipjack’s time with ThaneMOD was short but very much appreciated. She joined us just before the release of ThaneMOD v1.0, taking an incredibly proactive approach and working closely with n7Siha to create the NSIS Installers. Skip also did a fantastic job putting together ThaneMOD’s tumblr and YouTube pages, which she maintained through the following spring, despite her busy academic schedule. While her academic and work obligations have pulled her away from the project, she was a great asset to the team. Thanks, skipjack!

  • ThaneMOD Tumblr
  • ThaneMOD YouTube
  • Installer Scripting and Design


ThaneMOD Technical Contributors

JohnP_avatarJohnP (HelixSpiral) | bug-swatting, building, technical support, troubleshooting

We feel so lucky that JohnP has taken an interest in ThaneMOD. Folks, he is the reason that the conversation between Shepard and Thane in Huerta doesn’t look like bad overdub from an old Godzilla movie (adjust that “InterpLength”, fellow modders).  JohnP has lent his technical knowledge to a variety of project aspects so far, has stepped in to swat a bug or two, tested files, and of course, has succeeded placing Thane in the Memorial Scene. This was something we desperately wanted to do, but still weren’t certain it was even possible. He deserves a huge ‘thank you’ from Thane fans. JohnP’s Mass Effect 3 mods can be seen on Nexusmods.

  • Thane in the Memorial Scene for EC
  • Alternate LIs in the Memorial Scene for MEHEM
  • Leviathan .mod file (v1.0)
  • Paramour Achievement


MrFob | bug-swatting, building, technical support, troubleshooting

Had MrFob shot down my idea back in March, we never would have gotten here. So, thank you, Fob, for taking to the time to read my epic-length PM, not dismissing me as one of those “crazy” Thane fans, and for being so kind and generous with your time. Fob was gracious enough to take on the implementation of the epilogue portion of the mod, upon HJF4’s exit, and has lent his time and input to a variety of technical aspects of the mod. Fob, you are beyond awesome. MrFob’s mods for ME2 and ME3 are hosted on Nexusmods.

  • ThaneMOD Core module (epilogue edits)
  • Credits music module
  • Leviathan war asset compatibility 2013-12-30 9 41 20_150

warrantyvoider | ME3Explorer Tools, technical support, troubleshooting

We honestly can’t thank warrantyvoider enough. He expanded on the current toolset in ME3Explorer to supply the various functions we needed to create this mod. Before we came along there was no codex editor, dialogue editor, FaceFX AnimSet editor, conditional expression editor, quest editor, wwisebank editor, or DLC .mod file capability. He built every one of these tools to help us create ThaneMOD and benefit the rest of the modding community. He was a constant resource for tech advice and troubleshooting, and helped us whenever he could. We literally could not have done it without him. Thank you so much, wv.

ThaneMOD Artistic Contributors

AndromedaShepard | Andromeda joined the project with a ton of enthusiasm and willingness to meet our needs. She is a die-hard Thane fan and did a fantastic job creating the renders for the codex entries and the Thane & an LI-specific epilogue slide for the MEHEM. Note: this slide was removed before the v1.0 release due to including Thane in the Memorial Scene, but is posted in the Here Be Spoilers Render Gallery. Follow this link to visit Andromeda’s profile on deviantART.

Brinx-ii | We commissioned Brinx to implement our vision for the friend-Thane epilogue slides, along with the LI-specific slides for the Extended Cut. He worked with us through countless iterations of these slides, and did a wonderful job. Follow this link to visit Brinx’s profile on deviantART.

Ottemis | Ottemis and Luckythirteen were the creators of the original Thane-themed hoodie for FemShep, and were kind enough to give us permission to bundle it in ThaneMOD. Ottemis has also been gracious enough to create male and female, HD versions of the Thane Hoodie, specifically for ThaneMOD. With v2.0, she has outdone herself by creating three fantastic new dress textures for FemShep. Thanks, Ottemis! Ottemis has over 40 texture and mesh mods for the ME3 trilogy on Nexusmods.

Special Thanks To…

ThaneMOD Testing Team | AndromedaShepard, AthenaisShepard, Elliekrios, Elvie, JECW, KittyKat, LoonySpectre, quietonewisp, vickyoak.
ME3Explorer Forumites | For illuminating discussion and help troubleshooting a variety of issues.
Deager | For tons of help with the DLC mod credits music conversion.
DineBoo | For providing us with a home for development of v1.0 of the mod.
Mimi/Mimitochan | The cabin picture mod was conceived with Mimi’s original mod in mind. We asked her permission to use the idea and then built on it with our own edits.
mnomaha | Coordinating contact with Dusty Evermann, testing, and submitting images for Alternate Cabin Photo.
Renmiri | Initial management of the ThaneMOD ME3Explorer threads and bringing our group to WV’s attention.
Savvid | For allowing us to use her fantastic render of Thane as part of our logo ❤
Stilographium | Assistance with Huerta dialogue research and consistent valuable input throughout the main planning stage of v1.0.
wavion| For kindly providing us with his code (and some tips) for the MEHEM v0.3 installer.

And A Final Thanks To The Creators Of Thane Krios…

Ben Huen, Matt Rhodes, & the other ME2 Artists | The creators of the physical embodiment of Thane Krios. Oh, and that red-Thane version…yikes. Really glad you didn’t go with that. (Btw, some great articles on this here and here.)

Chris L’Etoile | Most Thane fans likely know that Chris wrote Thane when we first met him in ME2. He did an amazing job creating the distinct and wonderful voice for this character that ThaneMOD users have grown to know and love.

Keythe Farley | Keythe Farley is Thane Krios. Or, at least, his voice is. What a difference it makes to have such a skilled actor voicing a character. The work of Ben, Matt, and Chris would have been lesser without Keythe lending his voice to bring Thane to life.

Dusty Evermann | Dusty works for BioWare and reached out to us when he found out we were working on the mod. He went out of his way to make himself available to us when we had any technical questions, and was always was very prompt in his replies. It was a great boost for morale to have someone from BioWare supporting us in the creation of ThaneMOD. Thanks, Dusty!