This article contains the most frequently asked questions about using ThaneMOD. More will be added as necessary. If you have a specific problem while using the mod, see Troubleshooting.

ATTENTION | This article is receiving a minor refresh with the site. It pertains only to ThaneMOD v2.0 and will be supplanted by an updated version concurrent with the final release of the mod.


1 | I still don’t know which version of ThaneMOD v2.0 to use.


2 | Why would I ever want to use v2.0F (manual install)?

Novices are discouraged from using the manual install, but there are a few cases in which it’s necessary or convenient. For example:

  • Use only the Relationship Improvements module (Thane will still perish in the coup)
  • Use only the Core module for the coup, without epilogue modifications
  • Retain the vanilla music when speaking to Thane in Huerta
  • Use EWAC without Relationship Improvements
  • Access all the individual ThaneMOD files, organized by module

3 | How do I properly uninstall ThaneMOD?

Consult the ThaneMOD v2.0 Install Guide. Remember to never overwrite the contents of your DLC_CON_THANEMOD folder. Always delete the current folder (or it’s complete contents) then copy over the new one. Mixing files of different folders is bad and will lead to a bugged playthrough.

4 | Can I safely delete the binkw32.log file after I uninstall?


5 | ME3Explorer is scary. How do I use it?

See the ME3Explorer wiki.


1 | Can ThaneMOD offer more player-controlled choice?

When ThaneMOD was first created in 2013, modding tools were still very limited. Expansion of the mod, real player choice, a variety of bugfixes, and a richer amount of new, immersive content is the goal of ThaneMOD v3.0.

In addition, one of the main directives of ThaneMOD has always been to stay as true to Thane’s ME2 lore as possible. Establishing new lore always poses a risk of infringing on player headcanon. Many ideas not implemented in the mod were discussed with the community and rejected due to not aligning with these goals (see the discussion at the top of the page).


1 | How do I use ThaneMOD’s TPF files?

Using these textures requires the use of a third party utility: Texmod or ME3Explorer. Here are some key points about each:


  • Texmod is a program that overlaps the current game texture with a new texture. In other words, both textures are actually rendered, but you only see the texture that appears “on top” (the one from Texmod).
  • To do this, the game must be launched through Texmod (and for ME3, that means launching Origin through Texmod).
  • Launching Origin through Texmod requires constant renaming of .exe files, or using a .bat file to do it automatically for you.
  • See this PDF for procedure and explanation of exe renaming, and this BSN Project page for a .bat file.
  • For players using many textures, the game can take 5/10/15+ minutes to load, because all the textures have to be loaded into memory.
  • This is a very inefficient way of applying new textures. The advantage is that it’s temporary and “safe” since none of the actual game files are modified. It also is a great way to “testdrive” textures before modding them into your game files.
  • Ottemis has a great primer on Texmod.


  • ME3Explorer is the premier modding tool for ME3. See its wiki for more information.
  • Texture changes done in ME3Explorer are permanent. Edits are made directly to the game files, which is why before going this route, you want to be certain you have backups of your vanilla files.
  • This method of replacement means these textures will be used regardless of character or game save. There can be exceptions to this rule, but this is generally the case. In other words, your Garrusmancing Shepard will be sporting that Thane hoodie if you use ThaneMOD’s new hoodie texture.
  • To remove/uninstall these textures, the original game files must be restored OR you must apply a new texture (also using ME3Explorer).
  • The advantage of this method is that it is much more efficient. You don’t need to run the game/Origin through a 3rd party program and once you replace textures, you’re finished. Also, the only texture rendered is the one you see, which is much more memory efficient.

2 | How do I use raw the DDS files included in ThaneMOD?

You can either install them via TPF Tools or Texplorer, or you can use TPF Tools to create a TPF that can be used with Texmod.