The Details

This article contains an itemized account of all changes the current release of ThaneMOD makes to Mass Effect 3. For ease of discussion and organization, it’s treated as an FAQ.

Potential users should keep in mind that almost all of ThaneMOD’s content is optional, with installation controlled via different “modules”.

ATTENTION | This article is receiving a minor refresh with the site. It pertains only to ThaneMOD v2.0 and will be supplanted by an updated version concurrent with the final release of the mod. The content below contains significant spoilers. If you would prefer a less-detailed explanation of gameplay changes, along with guidance on installation and requirements, please see the Installation + Requirements section of the site.

Does ThaneMOD guarantee Thane’s survival?

No. Even after installing ThaneMOD, Thane will not be saved by default. The player must meet both import criteria and plot criteria within ME3. For more information on requirements, see the Installation and Requirements article.

If these criteria are not met, ThaneMOD will not trigger Thane’s survival. Instead, the game will proceed as it does normally and Thane will appear in the coup. This puts Thane on par with other ME2 squadmates who’s deaths are also contingent upon loyalty status.

An ongoing romance was not made a requirement due to three reasons:

  • It would differ from other ME2 squadmates
  • It would restrict the number of players who could use the mod
  • Data pulled from the ME3 Romance DLC Survey indicated a significant number of players wanted the option to prevent Thane’s death, regardless of romance status

How is the coup handled in Thane’s absence?

Assuming the player meets the above criteria, the event will play out exactly as it does in the vanilla game when Thane goes unrecruited in ME2 or has died on the suicide mission.

  • Commander Bailey will radio Shepard about the coup
  • Major Kirrahe (if imported) will defend the salarian councilor
  • If Kirrahe and Thane are both absent, the salarian councilor will perish

What happens to Thane’s vanilla, post-coup content?

Since all Thane’s vanilla, post-coup content is contingent upon his death, it is absent when he survives via ThaneMOD. This means:

  • Thane’s voice does not haunt Shepard in his/her dreams
  • Thane’s name is not added to the Memorial Wall
  • A romanced Thane does not send his journal entry from the LotSB
  • There are no references to Thane’s death by other characters in game (Joker, Kai Leng, Liara, Shepard)
  • Thane does not appear in an endgame flashback of sacrificed crew
  • Thane’s Citadel DLC content is absent

Is Thane accessible after the coup?

Thane is absent from the remainder of the game until the epilogue. This will change for a romanced Thane in version 3.0.

What other changes does ThaneMOD make?


A new, brief message encourages Shepard to assist the spectres with the situation involving the hanar diplomat.

GAW Assets

ThaneMOD grants two new war assets.

  • Thane Krios — A 25pt asset similar to other ME2 squadmates, as his continued survival allows him to contribute to the war effort.
  • Kepral’s Syndrome Treatment — A 75 pt upgrade to Hanar & Drell Forces. This parent asset also receives a bump in base value from 50 to 75 points. This change is mostly to compensate for the potential loss of the salarian councilor, but also rewards players for having Thane’s loyalty and helping the drell race avoid potential extinction. Custom artwork accompanies the entry.


  • Known Associate: Thane Krios — Thane receives a codex entry in light of his greater significance to the game. Custom artwork accompanies the entry.
  • Drell: Biology — TMv2.0+ imports this codex from ME2 into ME3, with edits made to achieve consistency in Kepral’s lore across ME2, LotSB, and ME3.

What happens when Thane isn’t the love interest?


The ThaneMOD emails create new lore for Thane that expands his story.

  • The short message inviting Shepard to Huerta is tweaked for characterization
  • Thane sends two emails during the course of the game that explain why he has left the Citadel (which is why he isn’t present to fight Leng), and what is occurring during his absence. The second email varies with plot and romance status.

In the two new emails Thane’s illness is treated, but his ultimate fate remains ambiguous and up for player interpretation.

Huerta Dialogue + Music

  • ThaneMOD edits the Huerta dialogue to help ease the transition to the new email content. The conversation is shorter, less focused on Thane’s illness, and repeatable.
  • Players can install an optional music track containing environmental music from ME1.

Credits Music

ThaneMOD changes the credits music to Faunts’ “M4 Pt 2”, to give the player a feeling of coming full circle since ME1. This change in credits music is missing in TMv2.0, but will return in the final release.

Optional Textures

  • ThaneMOD v1.0 includes Thane-centric HD hoodie re-textures for FemShep and BroShep created by Ottemis.
  • ThaneMOD v2.0+ includes three variations of the N7 dress for FemShep, also made by Ottemis.

What happens when Thane is the love interest?

Huerta Dialogue + Music

ThaneMOD’s changes to the LI Huerta dialogue are significant. Edits attempt to rectify a romanced Thane’s out of character behavior in ME3 with the evolution of his character in ME2.

  • References to Shepard being at the hospital to visit the VS (rather than Thane) are removed; this includes any love triangle dialogue regarding Kaidan
  • Thane’s illness is no longer the focus of the conversation and the details of his illness more closely align those cited in ME2
  • A romanced Thane in ME3 will no longer have the “content to die” attitude that had abandoned him by the end of ME2
  • FemShep’s pornographic vocalizations are removed and the scene is repeatable
  • Players can install an optional music track that contains the ME2 romance music, which lends a feeling of greater significance to this scene

True Romance

With ThaneMOD, Thane’s romance with FemShep is treated similar to the other LIs. A romanced Thane grants the Paramour achievement in v1.1+. Once the player locks in the romance, all other potential LIs will “friendzone” Shepard during their respective “dates”. This mechanic is identical to all other existing love interests in game.

Cabin Photo

After locking in the romance, an interactive photo of Thane (similar to Tali’s) appears in Shepard’s quarters.

Anti-flirting Changes

FemShep no longer experiences or reciprocates any flirting with James Vega or Sam. If the player desires Shepard to have a more “relaxed” relationship with James, they can still elect to have him to call her “Lola.” These changes also affect certain interactions with Kaidan, if romanced in ME1.

Emails from Thane

The ThaneMOD emails create new lore for Thane that expands his story and ensure his survival.

  • The short message inviting Shepard to Huerta is tweaked for characterization and made appropriate for an LI-Thane
  • Thane sends Shepard six emails during the course of the game that explain why he has left the Citadel (which is why he isn’t present to engage Leng), and what occurs during his absence

Unlike the friend version, Thane’s survival is much less ambiguous in the romance emails. These emails attempt to compensate for the lack of romance and story content for Thane in the game. All messages vary based upon Shepard’s in-game decisions.

Shadow Broker Terminal

With TMv2.0+, seven “corrupted” messages appear at the Shadow Broker terminal. These are from Shepard to Thane and meant to compensate for the “one-way” feel of Thane’s emails to Shepard. Instructions are included on how players can customize these emails to their liking.

Emails from Mordin and Chakwas

Written by Barddoc1992, these messages to Shepard take a cue from ME2 content and are meant to create immersion for the player by having other NPCs discuss Thane’s new storyline.

How does ThaneMOD handle the ME3 epilogue?

Overall, the epilogue is handled in the same way as the vanilla game, with variations that account for player’s relationship with Thane and whether the player choses Control, Synthesis, or Destroy.

In addition, ThaneMOD will account for:

  • Which—if any—epilogue mod you use
  • For those who don’t use an epilogue mod, whether you install ThaneMOD’s optional “Enhanced EC” module

Here’s an overview of what to expect for each ending type: EC, JAM, or MEHEM. Other ending mods have not been tested and are likely not compatible with ThaneMOD.

Extended Cut

  • Friend-Thane appears in an epilogue “flashforward”
  • If using Standard Core for EC, LI-Thane appears in two flashforwards and has a new, LI-specific “flashback” similar the other ME3 LIs
  • The Enhanced Core for EC builds on the Standard Core, placing LI-Thane in the Memorial Scene

To be very clear, Thane and Shepard will not reunite in the EC in the same way as they do in the MEHEM/JAM. If you want “happily-ever-after”, you need to use an ending mod.


  • Friend-Thane appears on an epilogue flashforward
  • LI-Thane appears in two flashforwards and has a new, LI-specific “flashback” similar the other ME3 LIs
  • Control/Synthesis/Low EMS Destroy endings place LI-Thane in the Memorial Scene in the same manner as the Enhanced Core for the Extended Cut
  • High EMS Destroy will play out similar to the MEHEM Memorial Scene with Shepard holding the plaque and Thane in the LI’s position


  • Friend-Thane appears on an epilogue flashforward
  • LI-Thane appears on an epilogue flashforward and is present alongside Shepard in the Memorial Scene