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ThaneMOD Downloads

Full texture sets for ThaneMOD Alternate Cabin Photos (only for players who specifically want to use the “Advanced Replace” method in Texplorer)

ThaneMOD Artwork, v1 (contains epilogue slide, war asset, and codex renders from v1.0)

ThaneMOD Signature Set 1

ME3 Mods

Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod (MEHEM) by MrFob

Citadel Epilogue Mod by Deager

Extended Final Anderson Conversation by JohnP/HelixSpiral

Additional LIs in the MEHEM Memorial Scene by JohnP/HelixSpiral

Shepard’s Cabin Photo Mod by Mimitochan

Shepard’s Thane-Themed Casuals by LuckyThirteen & Ottemis



ME3 Cosmic Love


Official ME2 Trailer by BioWare/EA

Official ME2 Thane Trailer by BioWare/EA

Awakening by Aislinn Trista

Against the Tide by Louvette Solidum-Escuadro

Futuristic Lover by AronaBFC

Warrior Angel by Aislinn Trista