Updated August 4, 2014

Due to hosting on multiple sites, the ThaneMOD changelog will be kept updated here, ensuring all information that pertains to the mod is housed in one central location.

ThaneMOD | v2.0

ThaneMOD v2.0 is a major release that focuses on the conversation to the DLC mod system, fixing the codex bug, improving v1.0 content, and adding new content.

  • DLC mod structure (“DLC_CON_THANEMOD” folder and associated files)
  • Thane Krios codex freeze/crash fixed
  • Improvements to Hanar and Drell Forces render
  • EWAC textures now included as TPFs rather than PCCs (due to DLC mod changes)
  • 3 new N7 dress textures by Ottemis (Thane-themed)
  • Edited all ThaneMOD v1.0 written content
  • 7 corrupted Emails from Shepard to Thane viewable at the Shadow Broker Terminal  (instructions provided to personalize)
  • Drell: Biology secondary codex from ME2 added and edited (see next bullet; also included an edited ME2 tlk for consistency across games)
  • Kepral’s lore amended to make details in ME2 Codex, LotSB content, and ME3 content more closely align to each other and Thane’s ME2 conversations
  • Email from Mordin to Shepard if Thane is LI
  • Email from Chakwas to Shepard if Thane is LI
  • New Email from LI Thane after Thessia; substantial changes to Rannoch and Horizon emails as a result
  • Minor fixes to anti-flirting content with James’ in the Cargo area
  • Addressed bugs in Aethyta and Liara Presidium conversation content prior to the coup that relied on ME3 romance bools  not set until after the coup (included in EWAC module)
  • Improvements to “Siha” flashback to more closely resemble color palette of vanilla flashbacks
  • ThaneMOD now appears in ME3 scrolling credits just prior to Stargazer
  • LI-specific easter egg just after Priority: Mars
  • Removal of LI-specific, Friendshep Email 2 for new ME3 romances (Sam & Steve, and Liara/Kaidan/Ashley in some cases); these players will now receive the “non-romance” email
  • Temporary removal of new credits music due to DLC mod challenges

The emails from Mordin and Chakwas to Shepard are just the beginning of one of the focuses of ThaneMOD v3.0, which is trying to evoke Thane’s presence in game using other characters. We hope to continue this idea by modifying some dialogue with Bailey and other NPCs, lending additional immersion to Thane’s new story.

A couple quick comments on the two bottom points, since they involve a removal of mod content. We chose to swap out the emails certain FriendShep’s received, as after further consideration we found it unlikely Thane would be aware of certain romances. Thane having any knowledge of Shepard having a new romantic interest in ME3 would require a lot of assumptions. Assumptions and immersion have something of an inverse relationship, so In these instances we felt it more appropriate for Thane to send Shepard the same email he sends when there is no love interest present.

The credits music has proved to be a tricksie beast, one that we’re continuing to work on. We’ll upload the module, separately, as soon as we get things figured out :]

ThaneMOD | v1.1

ThaneMOD v1.1 is a minor update to implement content not finished in time for v1.0, primarily, the Paramour achievement.

  • Paramour Achievement added
  • Minor improvements to codex renders for Drell and Thane Krios
  • Minor improvements to war asset render for Thane Krios
  • New war asset render for Hanar & Drell Forces; original render included as a separate tpf file
ThaneMOD | v1.0

For a detailed account of every change ThaneMOD v1.0 makes to Mass Effect 3, see the Here Be Spoilers area for both LI and FriendShep.