Here be Spoilers!

Spoilers will be here…eventually. We want to give folks plenty of time to use the mod without spoilers at first 🙂

Update, 2/20/2014 — Construction on this section of the website will begin next week, but will take some time to be fully complete. The goal is to post screenshots, video clips, and document links to every change/addition ThaneMOD makes to the game. This will include both “before and after” clips for various things like the Huerta conversation, anti-flirting changes, epilogue, and more. Content will be organized into two webpages, one for Friend and one for Romance, and organized chronologically by when the change occurs in the game. This will allow visitors to “walk through” all ThaneMOD changes sequentially, in a logical fashion, and read various captions and information related to what is posted.

We’ll also be putting together a channel on YT. Please help us build the content for YT and this portion of the site by signing up on our forum and providing links to your own screenshots and video clips when playing with ThaneMOD. Thanks!