Updated January 15, 2014

Below you’ll find screenshots, video clips, and links to documents that contain every change ThaneMOD makes to the game when Thane is not Shepard’s love interest. Changes are organized chronologically and separated by module. All content is from ThaneMOD v1.0 unless stated otherwise. Future releases will inevitably change and edit this content. Updates will be made as time warrants, and will be noted in the text.

Note that all video clips of ThaneMOD content can also be viewed on our YouTube Channel.

EMAIL | Revised Note from Huerta

Requires EWAC module

Thane’s note inviting Shepard to Huerta felt a bit out of character. We tweaked the wording and also altered the title for the note, taking a cue from ME2. This is the first modded content to appear in the game for a friend Shepard. The note still arrives after completing Priority: Palaven, assuming Thane is loyal.All of ThaneMOD is built on the premise of Thane’s loyalty. If Thane is not loyal, Shepard receives the original note (and most of the mod will not work). The note was written by n7Siha. Edits for v2.0 were made by n7Siha and barddoc1992.


From: Sender Blocked


I’ve tried contacting you but received no response. With Earth’s communications system out it is doubtful this message would get through, but I discovered the Normandy recently docked here at the Citadel. I pray you were on board, Shepard, you are the galaxy’s best chance at defeating the Reapers…and my friends are already far too few in number.

I am in Huerta Memorial Hospital registered under the name “Tannor Nuara.” Please excuse the alias and this email’s encryption. In my line of work it is unwise to advertise my location, particularly when I am not in ideal health.

If it is not inconvenient, perhaps you will have time to chat upon your return.


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HUERTA | Revised Dialogue + New Music

Requires Friend Improvements module

Editing the dialogue with Thane at Huerta Memorial Hospital was an enormous project. We had more modest goals for the friend version than the romance version, but a primary goal was to create a more distinct emotional feeling between the two. The conversation with friendShep is shorter and more positive; it is still repeatable. It focuses less on Thane’s illness, while still addressing it, and provides a smoother transition to the new lore for users of the EWAC module. Click on a tile below to enter the slide carousel. All images are depict coldwetn0se’s, Abel Shepard.

Due to modding challenges, unloyal Thane will experience most of the same dialogue. If we can remedy this in the future, we will. The dialogue re-write was courtesy of n7Siha and coldwetn0se and was a collaborative effort, with substantial input from the community.

Click here to watch the original dialogue sequence with a loyal Thane and Ashley as the Virmire Survivor (VS). In the ThaneMOD clip below with Abel Shepard, Kaidan is the VS and Thane is still loyal. The new music track for Huerta Hospital can be heard playing in the background. The song is Wards v5 by Jack Wall taken from the original Mass Effect. Finally, at the end of the conversation, Thane’s codex entry triggers in the bottom left of the screen.

CODEX | Thane Krios

Requires EWAC module

We thought it appropriate to provide Thane with a codex entry in light of his greater significance to the game when using ThaneMOD. Using the existing ME2 squadmate entries as a guide, we attempted to follow the contents, trigger-timing, and images closely to maintain immersion. Coldwetn0se composed the entry text and edits made by n7Siha and barddoc1992 for v2.0. Raw screenshots for the background were taken by n7Siha. AndromedaShepard created the 3D render. The triggering of the entry can be seen in the video clip above or in the coup video below. Images of Thane’s codex entry were provided by barddoc1992.

Thane Krios

Thane Krios was born in 2146 on Kahje, a descendent of the drell population rescued by the hanar from the dying world of Rakhana. Identified early as a potential candidate for the Compact, a voluntary service arrangement between the host and client species, he began training as an assassin at the age of six. With a deadly combination of biotic prowess, hand-to-hand combat mastery, and sniper rifle expertise, Krios matured into a formidable foe for any would-be target. By 2185, his reputation as one of the galaxy’s most skilled assassins piqued the interest of the Illusive Man, founder of Cerberus. The reclusive leader of the pro-human group was recruiting a team of highly-trained combatants to help Commander Shepard end the Collector attacks on human colonies. The drell agreed to join Shepard’s team, contributing to the mission’s success.

Though he suffers from Kepral’s Syndrome, a terminal illness common to drell, Krios’ rigorous lifestyle slowed the progress of his condition until recently. When the Normandy SR-2 crew dispersed due to Alliance intervention, the assassin disappeared along with many of Commander Shepard’s other squadmates. His current whereabouts are unknown.

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EMAIL | Helping Kahje

Requires EWAC module

Thane will send this note to the player only if they speak to him in Huerta Memorial Hospital and return to the Normandy without completing the Citadel: Hanar Diplomat quest. The note was implemented as a lore- and immersion-friendly “hint” of sorts, to ensure the player not only completes the quest, but saves Kahje while on the quest. The “anonymous source” could be headcanoned as Kasumi, or if the player did not purchase the Stolen Memory ME2 DLC, it’s feasible that Thane would still have other contacts on the Citadel from his days as an assassin. N7Siha composed the message. Edits were made by n7Siha and barddoc1992 for v2.0.

*ENCRYPTED MESSAGE*From: Sender Blocked


It has just come to my attention via an anonymous source that a hanar diplomat on the Citadel may be indoctrinated. Special Tactics and Reconnaissance is aware of the issue and efforts are underway to avert a potential disaster.

I fear I ask too much of you, but please assist them in this, Shepard.  With so few settlements outside our homeworld, the fall of Kahje could mean extinction for both hanar and drell.


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Most changes ThaneMOD implements are dependent upon the player saving Kahje. We chose this route as we thought the destruction of Kahje would have a significant emotional impact on Thane, due to the drell and hanar being relatively isolated to that planet. If Kahje fell, it for all intents and purposes would mean the extinction of both species. In addition, the new lore we wanted to establish regarding the treatment for Thane’s illness would only work in the context of Kahje and the hanar’s continued existence. Kahje is saved from destruction by the Reapers, only through Shepard’s intervention during this quest.

EMAIL | Unexpected News

Requires EWAC module

Thane sends two emails to friend-Shepard when using ThaneMOD, the first of which arrives just after Priority: Sur’Kesh. At this point Thane is no longer available to speak to Shepard at Huerta Memorial Hospital. This is a departure from the vanilla game, where he is present through the end of Priority: Tuchanka.

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Giving Thane even less screentime in ME3 was a difficult decision, however the goal of the emails was not only to provide additional story content but to present new lore. That lore involves a treatment for Thane’s Kepral’s Syndrome. Taking into account Thane’s deterioration in health, we thought it wise to have it begin as soon as possible. Doing so helps ensure adequate immersion for the player by providing the treatment a reasonable amount of time to work. All friendShep emails were composed by n7Siha. Edits were made by n7Siha and barddoc1992 for v2.0. Click here to be taken to a Google Doc containing the text to this email. (updated for v2.0)

WAR ASSET | Thane Krios

Requires EWAC module

Thane’s new war asset triggers after Priority: Sur’Kesh, when the player receives his first email message. With Thane no longer participating in the Cerberus coup, and his survival now possible due to the treatment, he is able to contribute to the war effort and convey an asset. Again we took our cues from other ME2 ex-squadmates and decided to have Thane grant 25 points. The information on mining technologies is a lore-centric extrapolation of his ship upgrade from ME2. The entry text was composed by coldwetn0se and edited by n7Siha and barddoc1992 for v2.0. Screenshot and video clip below is of coldwetn0se’s Rae Shepard.

Thane Krios

Thane Krios, a highly-respected drell assassin with a tragic past, awoke from his “battle sleep” while helping Commander Shepard stop the Collectors. Now undergoing a new treatment for Kepral’s Syndrome, Sere Krios has employed his old contacts to assist with the war effort’s need for improved mining technologies. Current resource limitations could be dramatically lessened by these advances.

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THE COUP | Thane’s Absence + Memorial Wall

Requires Core module

While the Core module doesn’t require EWAC, the emails that Thane writes Shepard when using the latter module establishes new lore as to why he isn’t present on the Citadel to engage Leng. For players who choose not to use EWAC, they have the freedom to headcanon Thane’s absence as they wish. Either way, when using ThaneMOD, events follow exactly the same course that they do if Thane is never recruited in ME2 or if he perishes in the Suicide Mission. In Thane’s absence coup events are determined by ME1 import status, and in the case of an import, Kirrahe’s outcome during Virmire.

Below we follow coldwetn0se’s Rae Shepard in a series of clips that begins with the tail end of the Huerta conversation, continues before and during the coup, and concludes with Garrus’ chat in front of the Memorial Wall. While not shown, Ashley is the Virmire Survivor in the playthrough, and there are no problems “talking her down” in the absence of Thane’s coup involvement (which is a factor). The video also contains the triggering of the Thane’s codex entry and shows how much more immersive the conversation with Garrus is, considering that Thane now shouldn’t be mentioned as a casualty (and wasn’t in the first place). As you can see, his name is missing from the Memorial Wall.

EMAIL | Until We Meet Again

Requires EWAC module

One of the primary goals of ThaneMOD is to increase immersion by creating more differences between a friend and romanced Shepard. Besides implementing new variation in the Huerta dialogue, another way to achieve this is through having a romanced Thane communicate with Shepard more frequently via email. Similar to other ME2 squadmates, it is logical that Thane would keep in touch with a friend-Shepard, but certainly not to the extent as if he is Shepard’s Love Interest.

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The second email friend-Shepard receives from Thane arrives after Priority: Cerberus Headquarters. It varies with Shepard’s Love Interest, was designed to provide some closure, and sets the stage for the granting of the second ThaneMOD war asset. It also leaves Thane’s ultimate fate purposely ambiguous. We went this route due to player feedback on the BSN Forums and Romance DLC Survey. Many vocalized they felt Thane’s survival should be guaranteed if romanced, but not as a friend, so we followed their advice. Composing the message in this manner allows the player to experience all the story improvements, new war assets, codices, and emails, but provides the freedom to headcanon Thane’s ultimate fate as they wish. Click here to be taken to a Google Doc containing the text to this email (updated for v2.0). All friend Shepard emails were composed by n7Siha. Screenshots depict Garrus’ romance content.

WAR ASSET | Hanar and Drell Forces, Upgrade 2

Requires EWAC module

The second ThaneMOD war asset is triggered when Thane sends Shepard his second and final new email, after Priority: Cerberus Headquarters. Conversations with Thane in ME2 revealed that the hanar were working on a treatment for Kepral’s Syndrome. When using ThaneMOD, Thane plays a role in the development, testing, and deployment of that treatment. The reference to Port Hanshan, Noveria, is lore-centric. In ME1 we discovered that it’s both major galactic center for research and one of the few planets with a hanar presence. The latter point was underscored by information revealed in ME3 that Kahje is in Inner Council Space close to the salarians, and its relay connected directly to Pax System’s. We chose to have the asset convey 75 points as it benefits the entire drell race — and thereby, the hanar, as well. Coldwetn0se composed the text. Edits were made by n7Siha and barddoc1992 for v2.0.


Kepral’s Treatment

Drell afflicted with Kepral’s Syndrome have successfully responded to a new treatment. Developed by leading hanar scientists, the therapy halts and reverses disease progression, resulting in repair to all but the most severely damaged organs. Regular doses to drell involved in the war effort should alleviate mild to moderate symptoms affecting performance. The Illuminated Primacy has arranged for immediate mass production with a facility located near Port Hanshan, Noveria.

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We also wanted to provide a new render to accompany the entry, which formerly used the generic “Alien Fleet” image in the vanilla game. We thought it appropriate to include a member of each species, and using Kolyat as the drell created a nice tie-in to his role in Thane receiving the treatment. The original render was done by Emeraldfern and updated by n7Siha for TMv1.1. The in-game screenshot and clip depicts coldwetn0se’s Rae Shepard. Note: The updated render can be seen on the Romance Spoilers page.

EPILOGUE | Extended Cut

Requires Standard or Enhanced Core module for EC with Credits Music module

Keeping with the theme of maintaining immersion, our primary goal for Thane’s epilogue was to treat him like any other ME2 squadmate. Former squadmembers like Thane are seen in two parts of the ME3 epilogue: the “flashbacks” (video clips) and “flashforwards” (the more static-appearing “slides”).

Flashbacks are only used for love interests and plot casualties, so Thane’s flashback is removed when using ThaneMOD. The clips that do appear are still controlled by the game via the various decisions made by the player throughout the series.

ThaneMOD adds two different flashforwards for friendShep. Destroy and Control use one slide; Synthesis uses another. The slides were created with the new lore established in the EWAC module in mind, but are vague enough to work well for the player who chooses not to use EWAC (v1.0A or manual installers). Raw screenshots for all epilogue slide backgrounds were taken by n7Siha. All finished slides were (awesomely) rendered and composited by Brinx-ii. ThaneMOD screenshots and clips feature coldwetn0se’s Rae Shepard.

It’s important to note that the video clip below features the Standard Core version of ThaneMOD (v1.0A), which minimizes the amount of changes to the game. EC friendShep players may instead use the Enhanced Core version (v1.0B). Enhanced Core implements two other features to the EC: JohnP’s Extended Final Anderson Conversation and a credit music alteration. Extended Final Anderson Conversation reintroduces cut dialogue between Shepard and Anderson following the incident with the Illusive Man on the Citadel. The credits music changes the vanilla track to Faunts’ “M4 Pt II” from the original Mass Effect. We felt the modification appropriate and provided the player with a feeling of “coming full circle” at the end of their journey.

We’ve chosen to depict Synthesis, as it has a different flashforward than Control and Destroy. The latter two endings use the same slide as the MEHEM clip in the next section. A video of the vanilla ME3 ending can be viewed here for reference. A full Credits section for ThaneMOD was added with TM v2.0 and appears after the vanilla credits, prior to Stargazer.


Requires Enhanced Core module for MEHEM with Optional Credits Music module

ThaneMOD’s MEHEM epilogue simply applies our EC philosophy to MEHEM: treat Thane like any other ME2 squadmate. Similar to the EC, he appears in a flashforward but not any flashbacks. JohnP’s Extended Final Anderson Conversation is also included, as is his Additional LI’s in the Memorial Scene. In addition, MEHEM users have a choice on whether or not to retain Maluka’s “Reignite” as the credits music, or install the ThaneMOD modification that changes this to Faunts’ “M4 Pt II”. ThaneMOD Credits, added in v2.0 is present before Stargazer. Screenshots and video below follow coldwetn0se’s Rae Shepard through various end game events altered by MEHEM, Extended Final Anderson Conversation,  and/or ThaneMOD. Some LI-related content is included for context, to verify Shepard is not romancing Thane.


Requires Enhanced Core module for EC with JAM

With Thane in the role of friend, ThaneMOD for JAM is essentially identical to the EC. Thane’s name is removed from the Memorial Wall, his sacrifice flashback is absent, and an ending-specific flashforward is present. Credits and Credits music changes remain, as do the Extended Final Anderson Conversation changes. Due to the similarities, we haven’t created a new video or taken additional screenshots, but have embedded a clip from the JAM Nexus page below. Note: ThaneMOD is not installed in the game footage featured in this clip.

Note: JAM is only compatible with Enhanced Core versions of ThaneMOD (vB&C) that contain the EWAC module. Standard Core (vA) omits EWAC and is not compatible with JAM. JAM is made by JohnP.

TEXTURES | Hoodies

Requires a hoodie TPF file

ThaneMOD includes a set of four optional, Thane-themed, N7 hoodie re-textures. The standard-defition hoodie (FemShep only) was made back in 2012 by Ottemis and Luckythirteen (BSN), and they were kind enough to provide permission to bundle it with ThaneMOD. In addition, just prior to our v1.0 release, Ottemis offered to make HD versions of the hoodie, for both female and male Shepard. There are three color variants: black, green with a gray stripe, and green with a red stripe.

Below are screenshots of all three versions of the BroShep HD hoodies, modeled by coldwetn0se’s Abel Shepard. Images of the FemShep versions can be found in the Romance Spoilers area. Click on a tile to enter carousel mode.