Having a specific problem with ThaneMOD? You’ve found the right place. This section of the site covers the solution to pretty much any issue. Answers to general questions can be found in the FAQ.

Still not sure about the difference? If you’re asking how to do something or why something works the way it does in ThaneMOD look at the FAQ. If you are experiencing a specific problem in your playthrough, look below.

ATTENTION | This article pertains only to ThaneMOD v2.0 and will be supplanted by an updated version concurrent with the final release of the mod. ThaneMOD v1.0 is deprecated, should not be used, and is no longer available for download.

Installation + Uninstallation

Specific questions related to installation and uninstallation of ThaneMOD v2.0.

1 | Help! My antivirus program says that ThaneMOD contains a virus!

This is a “false-positive” due to the presence of DLL files in the mod. As long as you have downloaded ThaneMOD from either ModDB or Nexusmods, I can guarantee that the mod does not contain a virus from me. To be very clear, ThaneMOD is not hosted on any other sites. If you see it uploaded anywhere else, it was placed there without my permission and I cannot vouch for the integrity of the download. FYI, both Nexus and ModDB scans mod files for viruses upon upload.

2 | I just installed ThaneMOD and ME3 is throwing a “DLC Authorization” error at the Main Menu.

This happens due to certain DLC file modifications and also means you likely forgot to install the contents of the “Binaries folder.” Consult the Install Guide for instructions.


ThaneMOD has no known bugs, but below are some common issues players may experience during a playthrough.

1 | The game crashes/freezes when boarding Normandy from the Citadel.

This is not a bug caused by ThaneMOD. A simple web search will verify this problem has been reported since ME3 was released. It is an issue with the vanilla game that is exacerbated by ThaneMOD due to its modification of Citadel files. Please follow the advice already stated on other forums and sites for technical help with this issue. We encourage you to always save your game prior to barding Normandy from the Citadel. In fact, it can help immensely to make a quick save and reload that save just prior to using the elevator. In my personal experience, this remedies 99% of crashes. Thanks to Barddoc1992 for this advice!

2 | My special DLC items are gone!

“Special DLC items” includes things like the hoodie/dog/weapons for the N7 pack, the Firefight/Groundside pack, and any pre-order or promotional items (Indra, etc).

This issue is not due to ThaneMOD, it is due to Origin. More specifically, Origin being offline during the creation of your character and duration of your playthrough. You can go online at any time, load a save, and all emails/items will be delivered in game; be sure to create a save while online or the items will be gone again.

IMPORTANT: Before taking Origin online, be sure autoupdates for ME3 are turned off. If this feature isn’t off, if will likely bork your mods.


Questions and issues with the content changes ThaneMOD makes to ME3.

1| The ThaneMOD emails aren’t working, but everything else is.

It depends a little bit on what version of ThaneMOD you’re using, but most likely one of three things:

  • You are trying to play ThaneMOD on existing saves rather than a new game. Answer: Don’t do this.
  • You aren’t meeting the correct plot criteria to get them (see the Conditionals pastebin). Answer: Figure out the correct plot criteria and revert your saves so you can make the proper decision(s).
  • You are using ThaneMOD v1.0 and have overwritten the the mod’s Coalesced.bin file with a different version. Answer: Upgrade to v2.0.

2 | Thane didn’t grant me Paramour.

Thane will only grant the Paramour achievement with v1.1+. However, since achievements are only awarded once in ME3, so he will only grant it if you haven’t already earned it via another LI.

If triggering Paramour with Thane is important to you and you already have credit for the achievement, then your only option is to delete/relocate the game file(s) that tracks your achievements. If you are interested in doing this, be aware that this will delete/remove all of your ME3 achievements, not just Paramour.

If you plan to delete the files, back them up first. That way, you can restore them (and your achievements) later. To my knowledge only the bottom file in the list below tracks the achievements. Copying and deleting/removing the top one is a precaution. Both are located in your Windows Libraries, which is commonly on the C: drive. Your location may differ:

  • \Windows Libraries\My Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\Config\OnlineProfile.profile
  • \Windows Libraries\My Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 3\Save\LocalProfile.sav

3 | I can’t find Thane in Huerta after Priority: Palaven.

You need to read the message he sends you, first. The title of the new message when using ThaneMOD is: “Encrypted Message.”

4 | I can’t find Thane in Huerta after Sur’Kesh.

Correct. This is to accommodate the new lore established in the EWAC module. This change only happens for these users.

5 | Thane is still in Huerta after Sur’Kesh.

Thane is almost certainly not loyal. ThaneMOD only works when Thane is loyal. If loyalty isn’t the issue, then there’s a problem with your install.

6 | Thane has left Huerta after Sur’Kesh, but he isn’t sending any emails.

A few things could be going on. You either installed ThaneMOD late, haven’t finished the Citadel: Hanar Diplomat quest, or you chose not to save Kahje when doing this quest. Saving Kahje is a requirement for ThaneMOD to work. You’ll want to revert to an earlier save and make sure you complete the quest in the appropriate manner. You could also gibb the correct outcome into your save. The plot ID is 21451 (true).

7 | Thane still showed up at the coup!

Eek! You either did not save Kahje during Citadel: Hanar Diplomat or Thane was not loyal (or both). Both of these are requirements for the mod. In the future, if you hear Thane over the radio when arriving at the Citadel, you know at that point he will engage in the coup. Rather than proceeding, stop playing and figure out which requirement of ThaneMOD you have not met.

8 | Kirrahe died instead of Thane! Wtf!

Yep. This is what happens in the vanilla game when you import from ME1 and Thane either wasn’t recruited or died in the Suicide Mission during ME2.

9 |  Thane’s emails don’t say anything about Sam/Steve (or Kaidan/Liara/Ashley in v2.0) when they are the LI.

This isn’t due to favoritism. The fact is that Thane never met Sam or Steve, and the game gives no indication that he’d know about Shepard’s relationship with either of them. For that reason, a Shepard who is romancing Sam/Steve receives the same version of friendship email #2 as a Shepard without an LI.

ThaneMOD v2.0 removes romance-specific friendShep emails for Shepards who are beginning new romances with Liara, Kaidan, and Ashley for similar reasons.

10 | My game crashes/freezes when I try viewing Thane’s new codex entry.

This bug has been fixed in ThaneMOD v2.0. You should update.

11 | FemShep is missing audio for some of the Huerta conversation. Thane is her LI.

This is not a bug. Rather, it is the result of current modding limitations that existed when the mod was initially released. This will be remedied in v3.0.


This section of the FAQ covers a variety of questions related to the use of ThaneMOD textures.

1 | My hoodie/cabin photo textures aren’t working.

You’re probably using TPF Tools. Use the Install Guide and run the .tpf files again. Sometimes they don’t work the first time. Why? It’s a mystery. If this doesn’t work, then use Texmod instead.

2 | Thane is my LI but Tali is in my cabin photo.

See the above response. You either didn’t install the textures, or they didn’t install properly.